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Case Studies

Knowledge Management

Whether you're a startup or a multi-billion dollar firm, foundational knowledge of innovation goals and methods helps you ask the right questions, find the right answers, and win in the right markets.  Our Innovation Fundamentals webinar (with live Q&A) enables engineering teams and business leaders to consider the use of proven methods and best practices for product innovation initiatives.  Topics include:

  • What is Innovation?

  • Levels of Innovation

  • Success Criteria

  • Best Practices for Existing and New System Innovation

  • Choosing Innovation Methodologies

  • Asking the Right Questions

  • Finding the Right Answers

Competitive Intelligence

Before you build the incredible to solve the impossible, you need to know if you can bring your innovation to market, or if someone else already has.  Our Competitive Intelligence webinar (with live Q&A) instructs product design and business leaders in methods and tools that bring clarity to technology landscapes, customer insights and market opportunities.  Topics include:

  • The Voice of Innovation

  • The Anatomy of Patents

  • Patent Research & Metadata Strategies

  • Patent Citation Insights

  • Commercialization Signals & Trends

  • White Space & Freedom to Operate

  • Patent Busting

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