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Innovation Insights, Trends & Strategies

Your product portfolio is under continuous & changing threats from competitors, market disruptions, regulatory challenges, demographic shifts, and the ever-present threat of obsolescence.   You need to continuously assess & anticipate these threats, if you hope to rapidly adapt and change for continued success. There are many questions to answer, including:

  • What competitors are emerging to challenge your current and next-generation roadmaps? 

  • What new or complementary technologies & competencies should be acquired or developed to increase your competitive advantage? 

  • Are there new markets with growth synergies to your current portfolio? 

  • What regulatory, market and patent barriers stand in your way? 

Harvesting, deciphering and managing insights to these and other strategic questions require expert recognition and analysis of signals and trends in patent filings, scholarly works and related industry, regulatory and market publications. 

Sensorinus brings extensive experience in discovering competitive signal intelligence, relevant trends in technologies, regulatory constraints and supplier / market trends covering many industries.  Our customized research constructs landscapes of technology adoption, innovation trends, operational constraints, and requirements associated with your company's product and business strategies. Our analyses utilize proprietary methodologies and unique combinations of multiple research platforms that correlate and consider:

  • Functional and end-user requirements of target technologies

  • Relevant metadata patterns & relationships 

  • Citation networks that identify competing & enabling technologies and emerging commercialized research 

  • Relevant and historical research activities

  • Cross-industry synergies

  • Market barriers

  • White spaces

  • Next generation product concepts

  • Suppliers/owners of interest

Aligned with your business and product roadmap objectives, we produce in-depth reports that help you plan and optimize innovation and portfolio strategies including:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Patent Barrier Mitigation

  • Technology Evolution

  • Disrupting / Obsoleting Competitors

  • Adjacent Market Entry

  • Freedom to Operate

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