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Online Workshops

Businesses need to move quickly to navigate needed course changes that weren't part of their FY2020 plans.  We offer affordable online workshops focusing on strategic innovation planning with actionable outcomes that can help you pivotContact us for pricing and scheduling.  Our online workshop offerings include:

Workshop: Advanced SWOT Analysis

Often used for strategic planning, a SWOT analysis helps organizations identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to their operations and business. 

SWOT Analysis

Internally-led SWOT events can lack unbiased facilitation, objective analyses or tactical follow-up.  Sensorinus leverages its strategic planning expertise with over one hundred Fortune 500 firms to provide expert, independent facilitation of advanced SWOT analysis methods.  Our SWOT approach includes the use of weighted metrics to create actionable, objective readouts and recommendations. 


Our online workshop includes:

  • Pre-workshop alignment to your project objectives, participants and industry

  • Custom questionnaires administered to participants ahead of the online workshop

  • Facilitated online SWOT workshop, discussion and initial ranking of elements and strategies

  • Post-workshop analysis & report generation

  • Readout & next-step recommendations

The Advanced SWOT Analysis online workshop is available in all geographies and timezones.

Workshop: Competitive Intelligence

Before making sizable investments in course changes to existing solutions or considering new innovations, you need to see clear signals and trends that help validate successful market entry and adoption.  You want to know if you're entering a new market that's saturated with similar solutions, or if you're in a white space which may have little, or large demand.  Sensorinus has helped some of the world's largest product innovators assess competitive landscapes of their technologies with proven methodologies and insights.

Our online workshop includes:

  • Pre-workshop meeting to align with your organization's projects and innovation objectives

  • Facilitated online workshop, including:

    • Discussion with your organization about current technologies and goals

    • Overview of competitive intelligence methods (with case studies) for finding new opportunities aligned to existing and potential future technologies

    • Application of competitive intelligence methods to one of your organization's technologies as a case study

  • Post-workshop analysis of your organization's case study to discover insights of possible opportunities, freedom-to-operate, market size and accessibility

  • Readout & Recommendations for next steps

The Competitive Intelligence online workshop is available in all geographies and timezones.

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