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Innovation Enablement

Based on decades of experience helping Fortune 500 firms solve their innovation challenges, we've combined some of the most powerful and practical elements of multiple innovation methods into simple, easy-to-use practices.  Through our coaching and training, we help clients adopt innovation methods that drive high-value business outcomes including:

  • Determining and eliminating causes of product failures and unanticipated design conflicts 

  • Optimizing design-responses to product failures

  • Optimizing current product designs to improve margin, market share, and regulatory compliance

  • Developing next-generation product roadmaps that lead industries and create competitive differentiation

We teach effective innovation methods and help you align them to your business.  We focus your team on making immediate use of practical innovation methods in their roles, workflows and projects.  Most importantly, we teach your teams how to think about identifying the right problems to solve, and how to integrate best practices of innovation methods into essential design and operational processes. 

We can tailor an innovation enablement program that aligns to your industry and organizational size. Contact us to schedule a discovery meeting.

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