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Innovation Projects & Programs

When internal innovation initiatives falter, you need critical input from external leadership that delivers highly relevant innovation skills and strategies based on years of direct, cross-industry experience. 


We work directly with your team as innovation mentors, methodology experts and delivery resources, providing fresh, non-biased perspectives and input on your innovation projects' structure, goals and execution. 

We'll work with you to develop a scope of work that addresses critical needs to quickly get your innovation projects back on track including:

  • Design Failure / Conflict Analysis

  • Corrective Design Strategies

  • Concept Generation

  • Concept Feasibility / Validation Research

  • Functional / Parametric Design Optimization

  • Strategic Planning

  • System Design Evolution

When you need to insure repeatable success in your innovation projects and return on your resource investments, Sensorinus can help you design, develop, and deploy programs which align your business goals with your critical product-management workflows and key contributors.  Our programs include:

  • SWOT & Pivot Analysis

  • Communities of Innovation Practice

  • Innovation Centers of Excellence

Our programs bring uniformity, repeatability and best practices of sustainable innovation to all domains of your organization.  In addition, Sensorinus can bring technical specialists and subject-matter expertise to your projects and programs through our partner networks.

Contact us to schedule a discovery meeting.

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