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About Us

Our Mission

At Sensorinus, we're completely focused on your success. We know the impact that barriers to innovation have on the value you need to deliver.   Our solutions are the products of nearly twenty years of innovation enablement, project, program and portfolio-strategy deliveries spanning many industries.  We design and deliver high-value, bespoke innovation, research and enablement services to product designers, engineers, and manufacturers around the world.

Our Heritage

Sensorinus is built on the client experiences of our founder and partner network, delivering innovation initiatives at many Fortune 500 and global manufacturing firms.  Our industry expertise and coverage includes: aerospace & defense, automotive, commercial space flight, consumer products, digital transformation, fintech, food & beverage, medical devices, knowledge management, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, sustainable and conventional energy, chemicals / chemical process manufacturing. 

Our Approach

No two clients have exactly the same needs.  We work with you to determine a customized solution to meet your organization's needs.   Our services leverage a variety of innovation methodologies & related practices including Kaizen, TRIZ, Value Engineering, Patent Analysis / IP Portfolio Strategy, and Knowledge Management.  Because of our broad experience covering many companies and industries, we have an extensive network of subject matter experts and partners that can be brought in for additional assistance as needed.

Our Name

Why "Sensorinus"?  (Pronounced: sen-SOAR-in-us)

The historical name "Sensorinus" (also spelled "Censorinus") refers to a crater on the Moon named after a 3rd century A.D. Roman grammarian.  The crater, observed directly by Buzz Aldrin during the Apollo 11 Moon landing, is referenced in the 1977 book, "Colonies In Space" by T. A. Heppenheimer.  The book is a landmark treatise on the technologies and innovation that would be required for space settlement.  In Chapter Six, Heppenheimer describes a unique solution to transferring mined lunar resources back to Earth through the use of rail launchers, and the presence of an outside force which could help guide payloads into optimal transfer positions.

"It has been found that if (the payloads) are launched from a suitable point on the lunar surface and aimed at a target, they will hit that target even if the launch velocity is slightly off.  The gravity of the Earth and Moon acts to focus the trajectories so they arrive at the target despite errors in velocity. The best such launch site is near the craters Censorinus and Maskelyne."   - T.A. Heppenheimer

In the value-engineering innovation methodology, the idea of an outside influence performing useful work to help a system achieve its ultimate goal is called a supersystem.  It is an incredibly powerful concept which can transform a very difficult problem into a solution that delivers incredible value.  Supersystems mitigate barriers to innovation, and are places from which solutions of exceptional value are launched.


Sensorinus is a supersystem.

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